TOEFL essay: Why do people attend college or university?

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Why do people attend college or university?

Every year many students in all world attend college or university. There are different reasons about this.All of this people try to develop themselves in the college. But I do not think that the time spent in the college is lost time.

One of the reasons that people go to the college is because they want to prepare themselves for a good career.The students learn theoretically and practically how to solve problems in the real work situations. They take knowleges in specific areas and this helps them to be a professionals.

Some people go to the college because they like to learn. Usually this students continuos their education and win awards in sciens.They have a good chance to express a good learning possibilities.

Other people go to college because they can meet people who like to learn. They can meet a new friends from all world. This is the way to make an interesting social experiece. In the college atmosphere everyone can try to be a leader, to develop communication skills with students and lecturers.

Nowadays a higher education is nessesity.The college in an investment in personal future. This is and my reason to be a student.

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As we all know that today education is very important in our lives. we always seek luxurious life which need decent amount of money and well educated person can get it easily than noneducated. however, there are many other reasons for which people attend college or university.

first, as i mentioned above, to live decent life and to make good money people go to college. If person is well qualified he/she can get blue collar job. sometimes they don’t even need to look for a job but opportunity comes to them.

second reason could be the status in society. some people want to achieve higher and respective status in their society by getting higher education. for example, in our society if the person is phamacist or MD, he/she recieves special respect in any cultural or social activities.

third, some people want to enjoy college because this time of our life is very cheerful and enjoyable. In college students are free from social and family matters and they don’t have any kind of responsibilities but their studies. they have friends who are very intimate members in our lives. actually, i have enjoyed a lot in my college days.

in conclusion, i would say that college is very important place for all of us to improve our quality of life as it teach us good manners and increase our knowledge. college has became essential for every students in order to make their own identity in this competitive world.

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Nowadays, education became a vital part of our life. It is hard to build your future, or imagine yourself without education. Many people in the world have either finished schools, colleges, universities or studied at home. People attend colleges for many reasons. In my opinion people attend colleges and universities in order to get knowledge, rise ethically, and have good career after education.
The first reason to attend colleges is getting knowledge. Presently, we could hardly do something without education. Even nurses, servants and butlers nowadays should have basic knowledge, be able to read somehow and write. Many colleges give theory without which it is hard to apply any implications in practice. Although a person can learn the same material at home, it is easier and better to get knowledge in groups at school or college. Thus, attending colleges accelerates perception of information.
Secondly, attending college allows people to rise ethically, socially. When students go to colleges they communicate with peers, instructors or friends. For example, on breaks they discuss films, books, exchange their opinions etc. The more they are talking, the better their language develops. Schools teach morality, for instance greeting each other, providing feedback, coming on time and behaving properly. Thus colleges develop students ethically.
Thirdly, colleges allow its student to get good work after education. The more prestigious institution is the more chances to get good work, well-paid. Employers prefer to hire well-qualified and higher educated people to those with school background. In many colleges students of the last year of education are chosen by future employers before they graduate.
Thus, education opens great windows to the world by developing a person ethically, promoting his career and giving him vital knowledge useful in future.

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Why do people attend college?
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Nowadays, more and more people choose to attend college or university for the purpose of obtaining better job opportunities, acquiring specialized knowledge, and enjoying fresh and exciting experience on campus.

First and foremost, people have the option to go to college in order to get more opportunities to win the desirable position in the future. There is no doubt that employers tend to hire well qualified college graduates who are received bachelor degree in certain professional field, especially who have educational background in world-famous universities such as Harvard and Cambridge. Because learning experience in such schools equip their graduates with good command of various foundational knowledge and comprehensive capability as well. Therefore, a candidate, who graduated from prestigious school, might be more competitive than others, and then will be more likely to get promising job in this fierce work force market.

Secondly, a college degree offers access to jobs with a clear path towards professional advancement. For instance, A B.S in biology could allow a student to find a job after graduation, a first step on the road towards a career in scientific research. The same major could also be used to apply for medical school, and pursue a career as a doctor. Both of avenues would be unavailable without taking the first step of an undergraduate degree in biology.

Last but not least, learning at college is always an excitement for the youngsters. They will be attracted by the interesting and diverse courses taught by experts, be absorbed in studying their own favourite field, be delighted in the camaraderie with their schoolmates, and be enchanted by their sweet and pure love story. The campus is the place where knowledge is delivered and talents are discovered, where intriguing stories happen. No wonder that I am often told by many people that college experience is the most wonderful and worthwhile phase in their life.

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[color=red]“The more prestigious institution is the more chances to get good work, well-paid.” I consider that could be revised like " [color=blue]The more prestigious institution is, the better and more opportunities its graduates have to get well-paid jobs."

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Nowadays, almost all people want to attend a college or university for many reasons.
For one thing, in a college or university, you’ll have more chance to learn and enrich your knowledge. You can learn from the lectures, you can also learn from your friends. Each one have a different idea, so you can use it to support your own opinion. Your learning will help you in your career in the future, you’ll know how to work, how to organize your company, how to manage your staff,… The company which you apply for will look at your profile, and if they see that you’ve graduated from a college or university, they’ll choose you instead of the one who have no degree. Knowledge is the best way to success.
In some countries, attending a famous college or university is pride of the family, so everyone try their best to pass the entrance examination to that college or university. It’s one of the way for the student to express their excellence with their parents and friends and they’ll find that they’ve done something meaningful.
After you’ve had a degree, you’ll feel that you’re now mature and you have to do your future work with all responsibilities. Furthermore, a society with all of the people who are well educated is better than a society with people who are not well educated. People can contribute to the world with all of their ability to make it better.
Therefore, now more and more people go to college and university for further knowledge.

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Statistically and practically, there are more chances of one getting rich when he is a graduate than when one is not. And a lucrative career is something that most people would be comfortable with rather than a career of their interest of no real monetary benefits. At the end of the day, it boils down to this question : money or passion? Both are sometimes linked together and come as a package. Most choose the former over the latter. As it so happens, people aren’t always right in their decision making. I think the best way to go about attending college or university is to improve one’s knowledge and skill set. However, sadly in reality, people attend college or university simply for their career preparation which leads to earning big bucks.

Students are sometimes forced into thinking that a lucrative career is the way to go by their parents. That could be the case if their parents themselves have either had a lucrative career and have relished in it or had chosen a non-lucrative career over a lucrative career and are regretting it now. In addition to these factors, students are always under pressure to perform; they are required to provide a substantial income to their family. I myself attend college mainly for earning big bucks later : lets face it, money is want everyone wants.

I think the evolution of the society has also had an impact on the way people think about education. Life is more competitive than it has ever been and not everyone gets a good job. Parents are gulled into thinking that if their wards doesn’t get into a good job, he/she is on course to being a failure in life. They hesitate to think differently; they simply don’t want to take the risk. However, there have been students who have chosen fields of their interest and have excelled in it.

I think this way of thinking will change once students and their parents open their eyes to success that can come out of a career of interest. And given the exponentially increasing rate of unemployment, the prospect is near. Very near.

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It is my belief that people attend college in order to increase their knowledge so that, in the future, they can find a good job which is well payed. In the other hand, there are those affable and compatible people who attend college because of the other people, similar to them - people who like to talk, party, travel and make social experiences. Those are “party-type” people, but, if in college, I’m more for the ones with the proper behavior.
What is the proper behavior? In my view - stay home and study, go to the classes regularly and have fun just when you can afford some extra time.
Why did Barack Obama became the president of the United States? He hasn’t done that by just partying or sitting home watching television. He attended Occental College in Los Angeles for two years and earned a bachelor of arts degree form Columbia University. Then, he attended Harvard Law School. My position about this kind of hard work? He could have done anything he wanted. So, the hard work pays off, always.
Attending college is an investment in your future, in your career. There are lots of people with the attitude of a leader, and I am one of them. So, I am definitely going to take some good investment in my professional future.

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After high school, an individual gets unlimited options to choose from and Each individual has a different thought process which reflects on the decision they finally make. To explain this better, I would like to answer this question in two parts.
In case of a student applying for an under graduate course, the most important reason to attend a certain college or university would be career and the decision has to be taken wisely. So is it right to say that the decision to attend college at this age is career driven? Well maybe not as more importantly it reflects ones desire to learn more in their field of interest.
Now, lets talk about the other group of people who are graduates. I would like to further explain this with the help of examples. X holds a degree in design and is sure about what she wants to do with her life and wants to learn more about design to strengthen her career opportunities, she decides to attend college again to grow her knowledge and explore more opportunities within the same field and be a master at it. On the other hand, Y who is also a design graduate, content with her knowledge in design but interested in studying another subject. She definitely wants to expand her horizons and probably try something new for herself which again reflects her craving to learn more, discover new career opportunities.
Thus, all the above examples indicate one thing which is ones desire to learn and grow. To me, an individual at any age wanting to attend college in any field, subject, only reflects his/her want to learn more and grow as a person.

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Why people attend college?
Now,some people will attend college if they have any condition,in spite of the colleges’ qualities.Even some people select to review years for going to better colleges.What power push them to strive for the colleges?
First and foremost,after attending college,you will find more relaxed and comfortable jobs,plus,you will earn fairly handsome income because some of higher technology and wide knowledge that is key to these good jobs can be easily learned at colleges.For instance,the higher mathematics;in colleges,it is simple to study this course due to your higher foundation and the need of college’s programs;however,in technical secondary schools or secondary specialized school,the higher mathematics is not existing because the students and the schools don’t need;as a result,the students of these secondary schools are only to become the labour,and yet the students of colleges can become white collars.
Next,if you love for some professions and courses,you can attend college because college is the organization which contains teaching\research\practice and so on to become unified,the forward and wide and deep knowledge and information could be touched and learned in college and university.At the same time,some of you will turn out to be coaches and professors.For instance,some celebrities winning the Nobel Prize graduate from colleges and universities.
Last but not least,you will observe and reckon things more widely and dialectically from attending colleges.College stand for mature\vigor\wise and open……new thoughts and notions.If you have attended college and university,you would discover that you are able to view the problem from different angles more than past,which will lead to wide vision and be not afraid to meet with setbacks handling the problems bravely.To give another example,some actors and actresses who haven’t attended colleges and university are famous only a short time;the others attending colleges and university,by contrast,will be more wise than them because achieving higher education can change our lives.
These are reason why people attend college.College is benefited from by us.Please let college change us!