TOEFL essay: What do you think about studying in class boys and girls are equal?

Hello everybody. I’m xu. I’m newcomer. I want to do an writing essay with topic: What do you think about studying in class boys and girls are equal. Do you agree or disagree. Can you help me. I really don’t know what main ideas and how to write. Thx so much. I look forward to hearing from you. :smiley:

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between two students in a chemistry class

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In my opinion studying in both girls and boys school is the best.Im of the belief that Education is sharing because that promotes growth and flow of ideas.

one of the reasons i think both girls and boys should study together is this would make learning more easy .There would be different opinions about a topic of discussion from both sides of sex. Also, this would make understanding of things better for students.This means more flow of ideas.

Another point of view in having a mixed school is it would be same situation as the outside world.Once students complete their education and get jobs they would frequently encounter person of the opposite sex.Having the same setting in the school would prepare them to deal with this on an everday basis

Finally, i would like to add a reason that is proven fact some people feel uncomfortable n low in confidence while interacting with opposite sex. A mixed school setting would definitely eradicate this problem and make both boys and girls more confident n bring out the best of them.

In my conclusion, by looking at some of these examples i would definitely prefer both boys and girls to study in the same class because education grows by sharing.

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