TOEFL essay: What do you consider to be the most important room in a house?

  1. What do you consider to be the most important room in a house? Why is this room more important to you than any other room? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Since time immemorial people have been improving their living conditions in order to enjoy more in free time they have. Some people like to watch TV, and for that reason they spend most of their time in the living room. Others like reading, and they can be usually found in some room full with books. Although this is understandable, it goes without saying that, for me, the kitchen is the favorite space in my house.

First of all, I like cooking. For me that is very useful skill which allow me to prepare delicious meals for my friends and family. I believe that there is nothing better than to enjoy in tasty food and great company. For example, having a meal with my family, every Sunday, is a time-honored tradition in my house. This Sunday lunch brings happiness and joy to our lives, and it makes me feel that my life is not just run-of-the-mill.

Moreover, in the kitchen I feel relaxed. In today’s busy world it is very important to have some activity which can help us relax. At my kitchen I forget about the outside world, and have my two hours of life in the ivory tower. Food preparation makes me happy, and on the spur of the moment I can even try to create some new dishes. For instance, just recently I have prepared rabbit simmered in the sauce of young cottage cheese and vegetable mixture. This dish was so delicious that later I felt like on seven heaven.

Finally, kitchen is my kingdom during the night. When my family fell asleep I abscond to the kitchen. Silently I come inside for my portion of chocolate cookies and other goodies. Although it is a bad habit I never have second thoughts, because I can not resist. In the wee hours of the night I prepare chocolate milk and have my hands full of cakes. Only after this my condition starts to look up.

In conclusion, the aforementioned arguments clearly show why the kitchen is so special place for me. Needless to say, people should always follow their own heart and choose whatever they consider to be the right choice.

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