TOEFL essay: what are the qualities of a good neighbor?

I understand this is different from the usual way of writing. Could some give an idea how acceptable this is:

I remember the time when my family shifted to Canada from India. It was a whole new country with it’s own culture and trends. We were obviously in a locality where we had never been before and were skeptical about how comfortable staying there would be. At a time like that meeting our next door neighbors, Sanjay and Maya, was a great relief. I feel they posses all the qualities that a good neighbor should have.

Sanjay once decided to get is roof repaired as it had been pending for long. But as soon as he came to know that my exams were going on he postponed the plans to next weekend so that my studies wouldn’t get disturbed from the noise of workers and machines. This sort of understanding for each other’s problem is, I think, the most important quality of a good neighbor. Small acts of understanding can go a long way in building good relations.

Since we were new to the place and had no idea how things worked we were nonplussed when the sink broke one morning. Sanjay having lived there all his life offered to help us fixed it in a matter of minutes. A helpful nature goes a long way in building good relations between neighbors. Many a times it doesn’t take much to help a person out. It’s a profitable deal with less input and more output.

Apart from that, I feel, gregarious and outgoin people make better neighbors. Since we were completely new to the place Sanjay and Maya always made it a point to invite us when they would go out for picnics or outings.

They are not from India and have stayed in Canada all their lives. As such we have nothing common between us. But we make sure that we invite them for while celebrating all our festivals while they make sure we join then for theirs. Thus I feel that a little understand towards each other’s problems, small initiative for helping and a little outgoin nature can build long lasting friendly relations between neighbors.

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