TOEFL essay: Visiting the museum is the best way to learn about a country


Technically, we should know many aspects of a country in order to say we have learned about it. Museums although is a great place for learning a country, especially those exotic countries, I do not think that it is the best place for truly understanding a country. Following are the reasons I list for supporting my opinion.

Everyone has the experience that when he goes to a museum, there are always some reasons that will distract the concentration. It might be the reason that there are so many people, there is not enough time or probably the content is not attracting you at all. All the reasons can turn into problems for understanding a country. For instance, I went to a museum in New York last spring time, it was exhibiting Andy Warhol’s art works. Unfortunately, I went with my class and there was a time limit for the schedule. So I didn’t take enough notes and was feeling very regrettable.

In addition, museums usually hold historical exhibitions or some important shows. To learn a country, instead of learning its past, I mainly think we should know its present. I prefer go into its cities or towns and see every view by my own eyes.

All in all, to learn a country, its people is the most important aspect of all. People in a country represent its culture, history and politics. If visitors can have a chance to communicate with the local inhabits, it will be the best way to learn a country. Because we can see their costume, hear their language, and even learn their custom when they are reacting with us. Also, people are the most powerful demonstration of a country’s development. By looking at their living and food, we can more or less know the life in this country is easy or difficult.

In general, I do not think just visit a museum is enough for learning a country, thus it is not the best way for us to choose if we want to deeply know about a country.

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