TOEFL essay: Travel alone or with other? [pls, check and rate my essay :D]

[color=red]Topic: Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer?

Travel is not only to relax but also to learn many things. While someone enjoys travel alone, others like to travel with a companion. Each way has both advantages and disadvantages. But my preference is to travel with at least a friend.

Travelling with my friend, I do not feel boring and homesick. I experienced a travel to an old city by myself. During the trip, I could not share great feelings and beautiful sightseeing with anyone. As a result, I felt exhausted and homesick and, of course, my trip was shortened. After that trip, I get a lot of fun because I have never travelled alone.

Another advantage of travelling with a companion is to save time and money. To take a trip, I have to information about places, roads, hotels and etc. Therefore, I can save a lot of time when I and my friend do it together. Moreover, travelling with a companion reduces the cost of the trip. The costs of hotel room, transportation, and other fees will decreases considerably if I share them with others.

And the important reason I choose travelling with my friend is less dangerous than travelling alone. Travel means going to strange places and I do not know much such places. For that reason, I and my companion can protect each other against theft, assaults and anything like that. Furthermore, I am not sure that whether my health is good during the trip. Thus if unfortunately I get sick, I must not be worried a lot when I have a companion.

To sum up, although many people like to travel alone because they want to have freedom, flexible plan and new experiences, I think travelling with at least a companion is better to me for some reasons I have stated above.

Please check my essay for grammar, structure and ideas, and rate it! :smiley:
Thank you for your reading!

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Hi, I am not and English teacher, but as a native speaker, i would be happy to make some suggestions for your essay. You did a good job. Remember, traveled and traveling only have 1 L.

hi, thank you a lot, Luschen!!! :smiley: