TOEFL essay topic: Which foreign country You would like to visit

I have been reading about many foreign countries in reference materials although i likes them all there was one country which i would like to visit the most .This country is France and esspecially its capital Paris.Why?first this is a very old city in the world with its own architecture,historical buildings culture.But not only the culture interests me to visit this country also their kitchen which is full of wide variety of food,vines and cheese…oh and i almost forgot to mention that Paris is the city of Love known in all over the Hope that one day i will be able to visit this country

What do u think about my composition??Positive and negative replies will be appreciated especially negative !

TOEFL listening discussions: What are the two students doing?

Well I am agree with you. I would like to visit France too. I think it is positive. It is nice choice of countries.