TOEFL essay topic: Food has become easier to prepare

Topic 3: Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improves the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Food, from the ancient times to nowadays- the modern times, is always the basic need of people. For a long time, food now become easier to prepare. Therefore, it makes a revolution in all our lives because it saves a lot of time in cooking, gives you many choices in your menu and especially help many housewifes reduce their stress.

First of all,You will have more spare times when food become easier to prepare. In the past, if you want to eat chicken, it took you two or three hours to slaughter,eviscerate, washing and cutting. Nowadays, with the improve of advanced technology and food manufacturing, you only need go to supermarket to buy package chicken meat with the best quality and safety. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and don’t need to worry about your interest fried chicken. Furthermore, people will have more time to concentrate in their works or relax after a busy day.

Another advantage of easy-prepared food is that you will have a wide choice of food in your menu everyday. Many kitchen appliance were born such as microwave oven, gas cooker, pressure-cooker,… All of these make us easy to make variety of dish, therefore, you don’t need to wait for weekend or holidays to cook your interest food. Especially with the ones whose interest is cooking, they can cook many delicious food only in a wink.

Additionally, many housewives can reduce their stress when food has become easier to prepare. As you know, housewives were always attached with the cleaning and cooking. All that works make them become tired or stress so much. That boring housework will empty all their energy if they don’t have any spare time to relax. Therefore, the reduration of time to prepare food is one of the way to free all of them. They will have more time to reset their balance and recharge their energy. That also help the atmostphere in their family more comfortable.

With all the reasons above, I definitely consider that food wich was prepared easier changed the way people live with more efficiency. As a result, you will have more sparetime, more choices to choose the dish for your dinner and especially, many housewives can be free from their cooking works. Our lives are more and more convenient and comfortable.

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