Toefl Essay: There is too much violence in movies

TOEFL Essay Topic
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. “I think there is too much violence in movies”.

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Approximately each and every person on the earth likes to watch movies. Movies are a good media to know what is going in our world or in our country. Movies also improve the knowledge of glamour world. Watching movies are a good time-pass. It’s a good media to flow the money and for improving the economy of the country. In the nineteenth century, the movies enhance the idea related to our culture. The first movie did not have voice only motion was in the first movie. But at the end of nineteenth century first movie release in the US with motion and voice. This was the golden period for the film industry.

Nowadays people are taking undue advantages from the movies. Because in all the movies too much violence is present, which is not good for the coming generation. Therefore, according to my view in movies too violence is present. In our world every body wants to get more and more money that’s why there is no feeling in the movies. All movies are having loud and fast music with no emotions. During early years music was too good and it touched the heart. In this century actor and actress do not have command on acting but still they all are doing there job. Now everybody believes in exposure. These type of movies do not given good impression to our coming generation. Therefore, violence should not be in the movies. If we decrease or avoid the violence, it will be good for our country. Because teenage children watch movies very much. If they will watch good movies without or less violence it will give us good citizens and an inelegant generation. In twentieth century movies have only sex appeal and violence no value for relationships. The exposure is too high. The actress does not have good dressing sense and that gives a bad impression on our young children. In movies, every body drinks and smokes. Either they are young or old and create noise. Teenagers also want to do all these things because that is the age at which a person does not know what is good or bad for life. I think in all countries there should be a ban on making violent movies with more exposure. If there is less violence, it will also decrease the sound pollution from the world. Now sound pollution is one of the major problem. Many people who do not like to watch violent movies, if they watch may be they become depressed. Most of the violent movies make on terrorism. Teenage children like to watch this type of movies and also want to be a terrorist and increase the terrorism for the country. If people regularly watch violent movies violent behavior comes from the attitude.

I hope if movies have soft music, give good lessons and related to our culture, it will improve the thinking of the people. Movies are the good media to share thoughts.

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