TOEFL essay: The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement
The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns

Jobs are very important in the life of a human being, it teaches them how to accomplish things and how to achieve their goals. It provides them with the opportunity of knowing how to save their money, and how to spend it. Love is the main characteristic a person should have in order to have a successful professional life. I cannot agree with this statement for few reasons. Not everyone works for the money, and the vast majority of people work because they love what they do.

Money is very important for many reasons. You need it to buy the main necessities that a person needs to survive such as food, clothes, and a shelter, which is a place where you can get warm in the cold winter days. Others go to work, because they earn good money. This enables them to have a wonderful life, be able to travel, to shop and owning many things. However sometimes it is not up to the person to choose. Especially the young generation who has just finished college or university, and have a big loan to pay. Certainly they do love their new found job ,that’s why they studied, but they need the money to be able to pay for their education. In this case, they have no choice than to accept a job that’s well paid rather than the one of their dreams. This is one of many inconvenience that every person has to deal with. In addition, money is indeed of vital importance to people.

On the other hand, other people work, because they love what they do, they enjoy their jobs and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. There are a few lucky ones who have their dream job and get payed a reasonable salary. As well as the gratification that comes with it. By loving what you do, no matter what kind of work is involved you do it with honor and care rather than doing it for the salary. for instance, Social workers, who of course want to make living, but their essential reasons are to help those in needs. Their mission is providing a safe environment for human beings and promoting the social justice. I believe that these kind of workers who really put their hearts in their jobs have great reasons for what they are doing much more precious than every pay check

In conclusion, love for our job is remarkably crucial and it is beyond compare for those people who prefer a job the they enjoy doing rather than a job that’s well paid. There are no many of them today, but certainly there are some truthful people left in the world. Who care about others even more than themselves. I ask myself a question every time I think about this issue. What do we do when we earn a great salary, but hate the jobs we do? In this case there is no sense of accomplishment for any person. Your days are most likely to be miserable and have a lack of energy, go to work because of the responsibility of it. This is not the kind of job I want to have, even though the money may be less than what I desire I will feel happy with doing what I love with sincerity and respect for myself as well as other people.

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the job not only the money which you earn , but also the experience you get from it

I really do like your essays and I always read them, I like your essay about childhood obesity and when you talked about your friend who always supports you.
your essays always have a full describtion about any subject you write,I wish oneday be able to write just like you.
I like your thoughts and belives too

Thank you, but i’m not that good, i’m just starting to write and I think practice helps a lot.

Great essay as usual Yamilet. A few niggling faults/errors, but very good just the same.


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