TOEFL essay: The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns.

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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When you are young and get your first paid job the first thought is usually: “Money is what I need”, this comes from the fact that in college you don’t have much money, however you have loads of time to spare. After several years I realised that free time is also an important aspect when finding a job.

In my opinion a job has three aspects that have equal weight, the money, the free time (personal life) and the professional career, the three of them are equally important and must be balanced in order to be happy.

Money, everyone agrees that is something necessary to live, however if you get to much money and you don’t have time or opportunity to spend it, then you are wasting that money, so you need free time to spend it. Here comes the second aspect, the free time, in my opinion I think is equally important to have the money and to have the free time to enjoy it with family and friends.

In life money gives you freedom and that is good, but also money without free time is something worthless, so money is just an important aspect of a job but is far from being the most important aspect.

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My essay:

There is nothing wrong to say look for better salary means- more money when getting a job. The question is whether we should consider money is the most important aspect of finding a job. In my point of view, i disagree with the statement above even i know how money meant to my life nowadays. I suppose that money is not everything and there are many kinds of job sastisfaction- what help you to be promoted soon at work, that are more important than money. In this essay, i will prove that money won’t be the numner one purpose of a job through there following reasons.

First of all, i dont refuse that money is important of a job because your salary can help you to have a happy life, pay your course fees and take care your family well. But my question is if you earn a lot of money from a job, will you be happy if you have no time for other things in your life?. For example, because of earning a lot of money, you save all the time of your life, spend 24 hours a day at work. One day, you realize that because of being busy, you can’t enjoy your life, being around with your friends and other good relationships that improve your life quality such as being in love with someone or being with your family members. So, how would it be?. I think it’s a terrible feeling that you suffer from considering money is the most important of a job. So, earning more salary but spending more time for work won’t make you live longer with being lonely and upset.

Secondly, There are many kinds of thing what can help you move up in your career path that you should consider more than money. For instance, many benefits of a job that the company offer you are free training courses, high positions in the company or scholarships for long term study in foreign countries. Moreover, environmental working conditions contribute a great deal to your success or having free lunchs in your company are also save your budget.

Finally, asking a high salary means being asked to be more responsible with your work. For example, you are a director of a company. The more salary they offer you, the more pressure you have to suffer. If you run your company smoothly, your company will keep you. If you don’t run well, your company will fire you and hire another one. So, more money, more pressure. As a result, money is not a crucial thing of a job.

In Conclusion, a high salary is ideal for people looking for a job. However, we shouldn’t consider money is the most important because of three reasons such as having no time for other things in life, more pressure and job satisfactions.
When choosing a job, the most intelligent is you should look far in the long run and consider all aspects of benefits that your job bring to you, not only money.