TOEFL essay: Television has destroyed communication...

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

From the half of the last century, when the television was be implemented in many countries around the world, it was a many changes in the life of the population.
These changes have been influenced in the communication between the friends and family. In my point of view, there was not a destruction or damage, on the communication among friends and family, because as a new form of entertainment some programs are made assist in family or with friends. In the next paragraphs I will describe some examples and reason to explain my point of view.
First of all, the television is one of the greatest inventing in the human history. This invent consist on an electric tool capable of showing video and audio on real time, that can be transmitted from a television channel. Also we can play video-cassette and on recent times DVD-movies. More than the television the real problem can be the content that the person can choose to watch.

Basing on the freedom of choose, any person can select from a movie to assist with all the family, to an adult only content to assist himself. On the second case, it can be destruction on the social life, standing away from family and friends for a time.

The key from this situation is how many films like this the person will assist on his life. For example, if I assist just one adult-movie for month, there is not a real problem, but this extend to one movie for day, then I am on a big problem. Hopefully, I am not on the second group.
Among of the possible problems of the television, there are some great utilities like the news. The television was played an important role on the communication of the news to all the population.
For example, when there is an accident on any place of my city, any person can make a call to the television channel and in just some seconds they are announcing the problem in live. As a result, all the people know the problem and can help to resolve.
In conclusion, the television has change the way of the communication among people, but these changes have not destroyed the communication among family and friends.

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