TOEFL essay: "teachers should encourage their students

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Do you agree or disagree that teachers should encourage their students to question everything? Use examples and reasons to support your answer.

There are many strategic ways to keep the students actively participating in class discussions in school. I agree that one way of doing this is that teachers should encourage their students to question everything they want to know. I believe that there are many students who doesn’t speak out to the class because they are shy or they are afraid of being rejected by their classmates. For these reasons, I agree that teachers must let their students voice out their opinions so that they will develop good communication skills, overcome shyness, and create a wholesome atmosphere inside the classrooom.

Communication is part of a training to succeed in school. This makes the quality of education more pronounced and keeping up the students in focused with their lessons in school. By letting the students raise up their hands and encourage them to ask questions, this will not only benefit the students from gaining knowledge on the subject matter but this also encourages good teacher-student relations. In the process of learning , teachers must be able the students to have active participation.

Through questioning, students can overcome their shyness. This gives them the opportunity to voice out their minds. As students, we want to know every lesson teachers has to convey about the subject. However, if we hesitate to talk in class, we are left wondering and ended up blank when we take examinations. That is why active participation in class by encouraging the students to speak in class is one of the best learning can be taught in school.

A wholesome atmosphere is one of the important things to keep up the lecture in class from being boring. When there is reciprocation between teachers and students, there could be a whole lot more to learn inside the classroom. As to speak, its not only the teachers who has the active role in the classroom. However, coordinating with students by letting them speak can make the classroom alive and fun. The class is not boring and I believe students give more attention when teachers are fun and more considerate to their students.

These whole process is an active way of learning as I mentioned earlier. I believe that students can do best in school when there is good communication skills between students and teacher, there is students’ assertiveness and healthy atmosphere inside the classroom.

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