TOEFL essay: Teachers should encourage their students to question everything.

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Nowadays our daily life is full of challenges and competition. It is not easy to find one’s own place in a society in which asking questions and confessing not to know something is considered a sign of weakness. Yet there is nothing worse than being afraid of asking, as knowledge is such a valuable good. The more you know, the richer, in a philosophical approach, you are.
I fully agree on the issue whether teacher should encourage students to question everything or not.Posing things you acknowledged to be true at question, will give you the chance to gain a new view on things and increase your living quality.

Firstly, encouraging students to question their surrounding, at a young age is important for their future life. There is no other way of learning new things than asking questions about how they work. If students are not being encouraged to do so, they will be afraid to ask. In our society asking questions is often regarded as weak. Students need to get the necessary courage to ask nevertheless. This can be best achieved by encouraging them at a young age.

Another reason why I believe that young people should be encouraged to ask whatever they feel like is related to academic success. On every question students ask, they will hopefully get an answer. And answers bring new knowledge along. For example when learning about a complex procedure, you cannot fully understand it, if you are not able to pose questions about it. Only by asking questions knowledge is being increased and consolidated. Knowing about your environment is not only important for your future job, but also for your own contentment.

Thirdly, not only procedures can be questioned, but also social behavior. It is essential to be able to react and interact with other people. This skill needs to be developed. Sometimes we do not understand why a person acted the way she did. Or maybe we do not agree with her behavior. Questioning other’s and especially our own acting, gives us insight into our reasons for behaving in a certain way. In this way we can reflect on our behavior and maybe improve it in order to make our self become a better person.

Finally questioning what you hold for true increases your living quality. The older you get, the less you will think about familiar things, procedures and habits. Studies have shown that rethinking on trivial topics increases your brains activity. This results in a better overall fitness of your brain and consequently makes you feel better and younger. Students should train their brains right from the beginning. Based on the benefit questioning has to our health and wellbeing, it is the better choice to encourage students to do so.

Ultimately I think that encouraging students to question everything will provide them with a vital tool to broaden their horizon in an academic and social sense and to increase their personal living quality.

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