TOEFL essay: Teachers should encourage their students to question everything

Please check my essay.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Teachers should encourage their students to question everything.
Use examples and reasons to support your position.

Teachers are the most important part of our life. Teacher is a person who makes us understand what is good or bad in our lives. In each and every path of life we need a teacher. Whether students ask questions or not and teachers encourage them or not it does not matter. Only matters understanding among teachers and students. In my perspective, teachers should encourage their students to question everything. There are many reasons for that.

I feel if teachers encourage their students to question, students will give attention in their class. In this situation students know if they do not pay attention in the class they would not be able to ask question. So, teacher can find out very easily who is not listening carefully. In this way teachers push their students to be in the class not only physically and but mentally also. Further, students get confidence if they ask question in their classroom. Confidence is very important for the students. Once students get confidence they can make their career much better. It is the most important key to success.

In my view if teacher encourage their students to question and students ask question. In these circumstances teachers will feel that their students are also taking interest in the current topic. Consequently, teachers feel confidence and more enthusiasm as well. Furthermore, if students ask questions teachers will do work hard. The reason is if teachers not give the answer of students question students will not give respect. Hence, teachers prepare their lecture thoroughly. In this way not only teachers but students also increase their knowledge.

In addition to this I would also like to say if students ask the questions they make the relation with teachers as well. In this relation first students diminish their fear. Most of the students have fear in their mind that if they ask question in classroom teacher will annoyed and scold us. So, once they do not have fear they can solve their confusion and make their path easy.

In a nut shell I would like to say teachers should encourage their students to question. It is beneficial not only for students but for teacher also. In this way both do work hard and become intelligent.

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I think that your essay is good
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