TOEFL Essay: Subjects such as art, music, drama should be part of every child's

TOEFL Essay: Subjects such as art, music, drama should be part of every child’s eduction.

Are really art, music and drama essential for the child’s basic education? Does a small kid need to listen to music, to paint? – In my opinion - yes. When a child is small it is very curious about everything, so it wants to know everything about life in early age.
I remember that when I was small I really liked drawing cards, our house, my father’s car, portraits and all kind of things which attracted me. If a child is given the possibility to express its vision of the World, this will give him a very good comprehension of what is around him. Furthermore, I am sure that taking the brush and white sheet of paper is something the child makes from its own intention and personal interest. Thus, it is very important that teachers guide small children how to draw, to organize nature trips, to show interesting objects, so after that they could recreate them in their own imagination.
Second, the music is sort of art that everybody enjoys it, without being important what type of music it is. Some people prefer Jazz and others Rock. Basing on my personal experience I have noticed that music has an incredible ability to calm people. When I listen to classical music I feel like I am going to another World, where I forget all my daily problems. For instance the same is with children. When they listen to a nice music they feel happy. Similarly to art, music is also a very important part of every child’s education.
Finally, having a widely spread view on drama, has also its benefits for children. When a child at school knows famous dramaturges and popular works it shows the kid’s intelligence. Moreover, theater and drama are considered as one of the most cultural arts.
In conclusion, I would like to summarize that having a broad knowledge from different spheres of our life can only help us develop more and more in future. As soon as a child gets in contact with art, music and dream, it will feel the World closer and more familiar.

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