Toefl Essay- Spend your leisure time indoor or outdoor?

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“Somepeople prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Other people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. Would you prefer to be outside, or would you prefer to be inside for your leisure time activities? Use specific reasons & example to explain your choice.”

Peoples differ in their nature. Some people prefer to stay at their place whenever they have their vacation time while others always enjoy outdoors activities in their extra time. I think the people spend their leisure time at their place, do not even know outside natural beauty. I would prefer to spend my leisure time outside my home always.

First of all, nature attracts me always. I prefer to spend my evenings in the parks or bank of river. When I was young child, my parents and I used to go to Nainitaal, a hill stations, during my summer vacation. When I grew up, I always makes plan to go on hiking with my friends. Therefore, I think I always enjoy nature.

In addition to the previous point mentioned above, I am very energetic and interactive personality. I always go out with my friends and have party in my leisure time. I don’t remember any new year evening when I was at home. I always throw parties when ever my buddies and I have holidays. I think that going out sometimes give opportunities to meet different kind of people.

At finishing up, my desire to see world also derive me to spend my vacations out. Every year I try to visit at least one new place. I dream about travelling world. Last year i spent two weeks in Switzerland. It’s natural beauty still stay in my heart. A wonderful place!

Concluding my all thoughts, I believe that I would always prefer my leisure time to spend outside. The reasons are that I am nature loving personality, like to interact people and world traveler kind of person. So I always love to go outside rather than sitting at home in my leisure time.

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