TOEFL essay: Some people spend their entire life at one place. On the contrary...

Some people spend their entire life at one place. On the contrary others move a number of times through their lives, looking for a better job, community or even a climate. Use specific reasons to support your choice.

Moving from one place to another is exciting and beneficial for the person as he or she is able to meet a lot of new people, their new mentality, and heir unique culture. Travelling around the world reveals a lot of opportunities to find yourself, to choose the best profession and to find the best home for you and your family.

God has created us all unique in order to share our uniqueness and exchange the best of the ideas of a specific milieu. Exploring different cultures is a great chance to enrich your own one. Importing new items inevitably elaborate a culture into a new unexpected dimension. Meeting new people develops our ability to communicate with the different and helps us understanding the globality of the world. Accepting new ideas is beneficial to us because we are no longer narrow-minded and closed in the habits of our own society.

Through moving from one place to another people are able to spot different professions that they didn’t know about before that. A young African man, for instance, would never know about the existence of the PR profession if he has never been to a country where the culture requires the presence of a PR. It is quite possible that this young man turns out to be quite a successful image maker of a musical celebrity. The more you know the better your choice is. Accumulating many skills guarantees somebody a more informed decision in choosing a profession.

Changing different places is usually accompanied by learning a lot of new languages or at least a lot of new dialects which is quite a positive result too. Every new language is a new window opened to this colourful, challenging world where one can find the beauty of the expression in a certain language. I know for a fact that there are 26 words for the word snow in the Inuit language. Isn’t that amazing?

To be part of this incredible world means to develop our abilities to communicate with different people from different races. It is our obligation to try to be as open-minded as to accept the variety and to use it as a reason to cross cultures. This is the real meaning of globality. Travelling provides meetings with extraordinary people whose influence we should be able to appreciate.

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