TOEFL essay: Some people say that the amount of information available these days

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Topic :Some people say that the amount of information available these days is necessary . Other people say that access to so much information cause many problems…

It has never been before that people are having lots of big opportunities to approach the huge amount of information from many different sources nowadays. Some people think that the availability of information is indispensable. However, since information is no more considered as something valuable, it becomes part of every person’s life which has made people believe that accessing too much information will cause many problems. In my opinion, I agree with the view that the amount of information these days is essential to our life. There are several reasons why I think so.

Firstly, you are not only allowed to understand every aspects of life which are probable in both negative and positive in order to avoid lots unfortunate consequences appeared in your daily life. To illustrate this, think of the possibilities can effect directly to people in some negative ways. For example, looking back to the December of 2006 when the tsunami occurred in every single area of the coast of Pacific ocean has made a big loss to the country in general and the people in particular. After the happening of the disaster, information about the tsunami was updated. There fore, people can know the tokens of a tsunami in order to save themselves and the others. In addition, basing on the positive affects, parents and teachers can also guide children and students to direct toward to the right way and prevent them from getting lost in life.

Secondly, from approaching the information, people can gain more knowledge which is necessary for their work or their daily life so that they can fulfill all the requirements of jobs. For instance, scientists can discover many new things from the original rationales. Journalists are able to write an issue more deeply. Students can give some more specific information in the presentation or in their essays which may help them to get a higher score or to get bonus. Moreover, people have chance to improve their conditions since information is a bridge to connect people to modern technology and the society. To illustrate this, think of the possibility to find a good job of an unemployed in the recruiting staff column in a newspaper. If he sat day by day at home, he would not have found a good job. However, when he have chance to read a newspaper which means that information in that newspaper may link him to the needs of society and the world.

However, we can not deny the fact that accessing information too much may lead to emerging serious problems. People feel confused about the amount of information whether it is suitable for them. Moreover, children- the most important factor of one country- are unable to identify which source of information is for their age and which is not suitable for them.

In conclusion, of course accessing information too much can cause many problems to people. On the other hand, as people can learn more and gain more knowledge or they can also improve everything in their life, the amount of information available is really necessary.

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