TOEFL essay: Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business

Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business. Others prefer to work for an employer. Would you rather be selfemployed, work for someone else, or own a business? Use specific reasons to explain your choice.

Working has been an integral component of people’s lives throughout human history. A number of opinions maintain that running private businesses presents individuals with huge benefits. Nevertheless, I personally prefer working as an employee in a firm. This piece of writing will thoroughly clarify the rationale for my perspective.

Individuals who work as employees are not subject to tremendous pressure from enormous responsibilities. In today’s constantly fluctuating business environment, owners of enterprises are certainly always beset by an array of thorny business puzzles resulted from a multitude of perplexing issues such as credit crunch, bankruptcy, economic recession etc. which inflict a hefty burden on their mind.

Conversely, as a common staff, a person should only care about the fulfillment of his or her tiny duty within assigned tasks at workplace and receive steady monthly salary. As a matter of fact, people who assume jobs as salaried personnel are not exposed to headachy predicaments confronting companies’ executives.

Becoming a staff of a company allows workers to pleasantly enjoy their lives with family members and friends. A person who heads a business is almost always forced to be wrapped up in numerous obstacles that frequently occur during the company’s operation even when working hours already end. Thus, he or she is hardly able to find out significant time for family members and intimate friends. By contrast, an employee who is nearly completely free from work following office hours is evidently capable of expending a considerable amount of time dining out with his or her beloved spouse, playing with lovely children, having a drink with buddies and colleagues. Indeed, being an ordinary wage-earner offers people plenty of time to live a joyful life with close people.

In conclusion, the remarkable benefits of encountering minor pressure and enjoying a greater amount of leisure time with family members and friends spur me to choose to work as an ordinary staff. Almost all people who are tempted to live a gentle life are strongly recommended to select the same option as mine.

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