Toefl Essay: Some people prefer to play team sports while

Topic: Some people prefer to play team sports while others prefer to play individual sports. Discuss the advantages of each. Then indicate which you prefer.

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The preference to play team sports or to play individual sports depends on type of sport. There are too many sports which we can not play individually like cricket, hockey, football, baseball etc. and many sports which we can not play in a team like table tennis, loan tennis, car race, cycle race etc.
Preference to play team sports and individual sports depends on capability, interest and nature of a player. To play team sports player should be cool and have an adjusting nature. If anyone is aggressive, he/she can not play team sports. While in individual sports this problem can never arrive. For individual sports player should have a lot of stamina and overall good command to play. In individual game the overall burden to win the game is on one person. Therefore, in individual sports a player has a mental tension to win the match. However, in team sports there is no burden on one person but it is distributed equally on the team. Sometimes one player has good command on one aspect and another on other aspect. This does not affect the result of team sports. The overall team can perform well. In team sports if one player is good in every way then whole credit does not go to one player but goes to the team. Player should have good command over the game to play individual sports and have a strong body. While in team sports overall team should be good to win the match. In team sports every team has an equal chance to win the match. But in individual game the dominating player who has more stamina or experience has more chance to win the match.
According to my view, team sports are good. Team sports players support other players during the game. Every player can play with a free mind and have more chances to play well. If one player has some weaknesses or for some reason player does not play well then team has a chance to win the match with the support of other players. In team sports the whole burden does not come on one shoulder but it’s distributed between all players. In team sports there are equal chances to win for every team. We can not say which team will be the winner.

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