TOEFL essay: Some people prefer to live in small town, others in a big city

Some people prefer to live in small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place you would prefer to live in. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Every thing in our life has some advantages and disadvantages. In my country we say: ”Every bad thing, brings some good”.

Looking at in that light, both possibilities in the topic has advantages and disadvantages. For example, life in the big city has many advantages – it’s provides more work opportunities than the small town. Also, entertainment industry in the big town is more developed. There are more cinemas, theatres, operas and other types of entertainment.

However, the life in the big city is related with risks. The stress is problem number one. Nowadays, the life style in the big cities is more dynamic and competitive. Consequently, many people acquire psychological diseases as a result of the stress and unhealthy life style.

In the contrasts to the big town, the life in the small town provides silence, no traffic jams, more free time and easy access to the nature. However, there is few work opportunities. In the comparison with the big city, the wages in the small town are lower.

In my opinion, it’s possible to combine the advantages of the big city with these of the small town. It sounds strange, but if you live in small town located near the big city you will have chance to work in the big city and to relax in the small town.

In a nutshell, I think that life in the small town is better to me, but I want to have easy access to big city. In this way I’ll live in place without noise and pollution but I’ll work in the big city.

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