TOEFL essay: Some people believe that mothers should not work

Now a days, it is very common that mothers are going outside to work.In this society women gets the same status as that of man and women are no where inferior to men, so they are also playing a major role in building our society.Some people believe that mothers should not work and some others argue against it.The following cases will reveal why some people don’t want mothers to work.

The mother is the person who is next to god in this heavenly world.She is the person who takes care of her children and shape their future and reproduce the perfect citizens of our country .So they are few people who think that there might be emotional imbalance and mental tension prevade her by going to job.Secondly, she might not spare enough time to the family due to which neglegence of children and husband might take place.This indirectly effects the relationship between husband and wife,children and mother etc.Thirdly,she should balance both her personal life with official life which leads to tiredness and lacking of leisure time.For example, if the lady is career oriented there are many chances of neglecting family and indulging completely in work and become workholic.Conservative families think that women is the foundation for childrens career ,managing the household things skillfully and taking care of the adults in the house,where as men are there to earn money.They feel tat womens going for job might spoilt the relationships that women had with the family.

I believe that women should work because our world is changing very fast and rapidly so we must accustom to the changing order and there might be many reasons why women is going out to work,till now we saw only one side of the picture.The other side of the picture is that firstly, she might have financial crisis due to which she might had opted for working .Secondly, what is the use if the women is well educated and she is making herself locked behind the doors and living only for the family.I strongly think that she should come out of the well and see the world and impart her knowledge to others and make them enlightened.Thirdly,if we think in a broader sense we can know that women should not only shape up the family but also the nation, for which both women and men should play constructively to prosper our nation .

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