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Should a college or university education should be available to all students?

With increasing students go to college or university to build their future, debate about the opportunity to receive higher education starts. Although some people believe that a college or university education should be available to all students, I agree that higher education should be available only to good students.

Some people might argue that students should have the equal opportunities to get the higher education, regardless of the gender, color, status, or academic background. Actually, I totally support the theory of equal opportunity. But what is equal opportunity of education? In my perspective, equal opportunity of education does not mean providing the same education to all students but providing the opportunities through which every student according to ability. Compared with mass education, higher education sets higher expectations, which might frustrate the poor students and create an environment for failure.

As a matter of fact, it is absolutely unfair to the good students who invest a large mount time and energy to study if the universities open their door to all the students, including the poor students who don’t delicate themselves to study. As a result, good students are discouraged to make more efforts, and eventually all the students will take it for granted that they deserve to go to a college or university without working hard.

Since the resource of higher education is not unlimited, colleges or universities are not able to meet the needs of all the students at a standard level. Just imaging all the students gathering into the colleges or universities, that would definitely diminish the quality of higher education. Good students, in particular, are not able to achieve their highest potential without getting enough attention from the university. Loss of talents through education neglect can be a tragic taste for both individual and in turn for society. Thus, it is much wiser to save the limited resource for the good students with high abilities.

Although some poor student might have a better performance in a college or university, it is better for the universities to give access only to the excellent students in terms of equal opportunity and best use of resource.

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