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Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have made important contributions to the people of the United States. Name another world leader you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

I think Mahatma Gandhi is the one of the greatest world leaders. The main reason why i respect him is his famous lesson as known “Nonviolence”. Another reason is his plain living style. Moreover, I want to tell you about his love for humanity.

First, “Nonviolence” has became the most important concept for all of us since he brought it in this world. Many respectful world readers also are affected by his lesson. Even Martin Luther King tried to keep that lesson on his mind when he fought for his people. Gandhi teaches us a several violence can not distroy the real value of humanity.

Everybody can remember his famous picture on which he spun the spinning wheel. On this picture he is only wearing simple cloth, almost looks like a rag, and brimmed glasses. Even he did not wear the shoes for his feet. He practiced what his preaches showing the real example by himself.

For the last reason why I think he is the most respect world leader is his love for mankinds. he fought not only for the independence of his country but also for his people and even whole world. He loved poor people and tried to spread a message which include what is a real human value. His real love for humanbeing is still connecting the people in the world by his lesson.

I know there are still many respectful world leaders to show us their great effort for keeping this world in peace, but Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest hero to me.

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