TOEFL essay samples: Talk about your parents

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Talk about your parents

My parents are the most wonderful thing in my life.
No one can deny that the parents are the greatest teachers in the whole world because they raise up their childrens and teach them lots of things in order to go on in their lives when they grow up.

For me, my parents are so important in my life because they teached me lots of things and helped me to get over any problem I may face.

For example, my mother was always there for me to help me and to give her support in many fields during my life , she helped me to know the good and the bad things and to stay away from what it may hurt me.

Moreover, my father was a wonderful man who gave me love and helped me find my self , and he gave me condifence and made me feel good about my self.

There are no words to thank my parents for what they did for me during those past years.

In conclusion, we should be thankful to our parents for all the amazing things they have done to all of us.

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please Mr. Alan tell me what do you think about this one???

Hi Delta,

My suggestions are in CAPITAL letters:

Note: [b]child singular children plural

The past of teach is TAUGHT[/b]