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do you agree or disagree with the following :
it is much easier to study in small classes than in a large ones

Studying has become a very important thing in our lives these days and it’s so important for the student to feel comfortable while learning.
Some students prefer to study in small classes , while other students find it much easier to study in large classes with lots of students.
For me I Agree that it’s much easier for the students to learn in small classes for these reasons:
First, learning in small classes can help the small number of students to understand clearer.
Then, small classes are more calm becouse of the small number of students.
More ever, small classes can give the students a better chance to understand faster.
There’s no doubt that quite places are much better for good studying becouse it can give the student the chance to concentrate and to understand better.
In Conclusion, I totally agree that it’s much easier to study in small classes than to staudy in large ones.

please can you tell me what you think about it as a tofel essay

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