TOEFL Essay Samples: purchase a house or business

You have enough money to purchase a house or business. Which would you prefer to buy?
Use specific reasons to explain your choice

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There is a question : which one I would choose to buy if I have enough money : a house or business . Some people prefer to buy business because they think that business could make profit but not a house . In my opinion , I will choose to purchase a house because this will bring noticeable advantages : Make your life stable , invest money in a good way , save the huge amount of money you have to pay.

First of all , The decision of buying a house rather than business could make your living stable . You will have a nice place to go home after work , have a place to take care , and the more important is that you have something belonging to your own . In contrast , if you don’t buy a house you would have no responsibility with the place you are staying , you would not feel the warm feeling of this place and maybe you don’t want to make decoration for it.

Secondly , I said that it is wise to invest this money to the house . A house is one of the most essential things you must have in your life , you have to buy it sooner or later . And if you already have a house you can feel free to think about earn another amount of money to invest on business. On the other hand , If you decide to invest in a business , you may lost all your money because you know that in the business world , nothing is certain.

Thirdly, When buying a house , you are helping yourselves to save a large amount of money for living cost .When you have no house you have to pay a lot of waste money . In our country , everything that is essential for living is very expensive .For instance , they include : the rent , the utility cost ….When these amounts accumulate in a long time , it would be a huge amount of money . So we can avoid these amounts of money if we buy the house.

All in all , we should buy a house in stead of a business because that make your life more stable , and a house is important to our lives , lastly this is a wise way to avoid unneeded living costs .

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