TOEFL essay samples: Learning methods

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People learn in different ways. Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things. Which of these methods of learning is best for you? Use specific examples to support your choice.

Learning has become a very important thing in life.
There’s no doubt that people are quite diffrent when it comes to the way they learn and the way they study.
Some people learn better by doing things , while others learn better by listening to people talk about things.
For me , I learn better by reading about things for many reasons:
First, I prefer to read things because that makes me concentrate better and learn faster.
Then, by reading things I can focus better for each word I read and I can memorize my lessons in a very good way and short time.
On the other hand, it’s not that bad to learn by hearing things but it can’t be always good because you may forget things so i really don’t concider this method a good way for me according to that reason.
In conclusion, And for all those reasons I prefer to learn things by reading them and not by listening to them.

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