TOEFL essay samples: Improve Your Memory

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Many people believe that their memories get worse as they get older.

This isn’t really true. Memory is like a muscle. It needs exercises to keep it in top condition. After they leave school, lots of people don’t use their memories as much and so it begins to deteriorate. Another factor is that people don’t use their imagination as much as they get older.

Imagination is important in creating links between facts you want to memorise and cues for recalling those facts.
Mnemonics are methods for remembering information. Some of these methods are quite simple and others are complicated and take time to learn. These methods involve using all our senses and emotions to help us remember. Here are some mnemonic methods:

First, The link word technique. This technique uses an image to link a word with another word. For examlpe , if you want to remember the word ‘coat’ that means cover of paint , you could imagine the walls wearing a coat.
Then, The town language mnemonic:
For this method , you should think of a town or city you know well.

Then you picture new words you learn in their place in the town.

For example, imagine the vegetable department in the local supermarket when you want to learn the words for jobs , picture the people in the town doing those jobs.

At last there is the journey system:
This helps you to remember lists by putting the things from the list into a journey. Make the journey in your imagination and put the objects into it. When you want to remember your list , make the journey again in your mind.
In coclusion, our memory is so important and we should always work on improving it.

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