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Nowadays, the competition among the businesses has been increasing, and each company need maximize its profit and survive in such situation. Some people think that businesses should do anything they can do to reach their goal-maximum profits. In my opinion, however, businesses should not do anything that break the law or do harm on our lives environment. I will give details to explain my view in this essay.

First of all, as a member of our society, every business should obey rules, doing what they are allowed and avoiding harmful influence on our community. But as we all known, companies’ goal is to maximize their profits. Based on this nature, a company has been trying its best to reach the goal, like overloading work on employers, paying employers as low as possible and squeezing the profit of suppliers. Also, there are some businesses which release disposal into our environment without purification. In this way, the company has polluted our air, water and soil. In turn, when we respire, drink and eat, we take the deposits which may be heavy metals or may be poisonous chemical. In this sense, the company does harm on our health. In addition, for some companies, they even choose to make money by making obscene films or smuggling drug. Can we say they are just doing what they should do. Obviously, they can not do such things.

Secondly, the company also can cheat us and ruin our confidence in economy by doing anything they can. A good example is not far from Enron, which is one of the biggest energy companies in the United States and bankrupted in 2002. Enron made fraudulent financial report and cheated the stockholders. Therefore, its bankruptcy destroyed the investors’ confidence in stock marketing, also this case influence the United States’ economy to a certain extent. In this sense, if companies do anything that they want, the results from it will also impact our normal economy and lives, which we do not want to think about.

In conclusion, I strongly oppose that businesses should do anything they can do to make a profit. In our society, there are always rules, which every unit should follow. Businesses also should care the health of us and respect our society’s value. On the other hand, they should be responsible for our economy, and thus companies can not do anything they want.

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