TOEFL essay samples: Children should be strongly pushed to achieve their maximum

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should be strongly pushed to achieve their maximum.Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

It is heard that children should be strongly either pushed or encouraged to achieve their higher aims. In the condition, parents hope their children will work hard to achieve their dreams. However, the children have freedom to do depends on their personal goal. It is agreeable, in my opinion, that they must be highly encouraged or taught to achieve their better obtainment in future.

First of all, it is important to nurture more academic skill among the kids for better future.Both teacher and parent always work together to teach and practise the kids by giving home works that they should complete practically when on their school holiday. Morever, they can have opportunities to succeed intellectually in their academic qualification intellectually, so they can enter into the most prestigious university.In my school, I was given practical works that I had practised in my home. When I was punished for doing error or being lazy in my subject, I felt I would studied deeply to be a better student.

Second, this method is not helping only but also leading the kids to have hardworking character in progress of achieving their higher hopes. The kids, for example, are taught and discriplined to understand different behaviour needs. In case, they can have knowledge in difference of lazy and hardworking characters. That hardworking deed is considered important for their future. During I was a teen, I was always advised to be hardworking in studying for my school exam. So, I had achieved good marks in the exam.

In conclusion, I suggest that the children will be always taught hard to obtain great hopes. It is not only will have put more academic skills and hardworking deeds among the kids but also better necessary to secure their future. Instead, it becomes the teacher and parent’s main responsibility.

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