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Toefl essay sample

Your government is considering a new law that would limit the size of each class to 20 students. Supporters say this would allow teacher to offer more attention to each student and reduce the stress and alienation many student feel in bigger classes. Opponents suggest that smaller classes would be more expensive in the long run and lead to a reduction of resources for students. Which position would you support? Provide reasons and examples in your response.

In Italy, school laws are continuously changing. Today, one of the strongest changes that is being considering is the limitation of the size of each class to 20 students. I do agree that classes should be composed of a restrict number of students.

First, it may provide more attention for each students by the teachers. Also, if a student has been followed carefully by the teacher, he can help him in order to improve his skills, developing his ideas with a strong support. For example, a student who is not so good in math, but followed carefully by a teacher, can change his weakness in skills.

Second, a class composed of only 20 people, is more suitable for exchanging opinions and ideas. It is so much useful in order to learn more and have contact with other persons. For instance, a not so crowded class can organize a discussion where each student tells and supports his opinion, providing examples and giving explanations. Also, it is a beautiful way in order to improve speaking skills.
Third, a small class is a good idea in order to reduce the alienation of the students. Therefore, more control provided by the teachers means an high level of attention from students. In this way, they can’t think about anything else that is not connected with school and the subjects that they are learning.

In conclusion, I do prefer smaller classes of students for several reasons. Initially, they require more attention by the teachers for each student. Then they stimulate students in exchanging their opinions and improving speaking skills. Finally, they stimulate students in being more concentrate.
Thus, a small class is the best place where a student can learn, improving his skills successfully.

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