TOEFL essay sample: Which place would you prefer to live in

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[size=75]Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer

Living in a big city

In a border of a country there are many cities and these of them have many towns. The citizens have opportunity to live in a big city or a small town. I would prefer to live in a big city than live in a small town because it has more advantages such as better education conditions, possibility of finding a good job and also enjoying the big city life.

First of all, in big cities , schools are generally well developed and they have had better education systems. . Furthermore, in contrast to the small town’s, there are many types of school and you may choose wherever you want to go in big cities. If a person get educated in this types of school he is able to get more knowledge and therefore probably have a good career in the future For example when I was young , my parents and I were living in a small town name called Marmaris. There were only two primary schools and their education systems were really bad. Because of this reason my father had decided to move to İstanbul to take the advantage of choosing a better school that have had better education.

Secondly, because of population there are a lot of companies in big cities and you have the option to choose which department to work. In big cities the salaries are mostly high enough to live , because the companies have more work in contrast to small town’s and payments are changed according to the income of the company. For instance, my brother and my friend are working in the same firm but in different factories and also in different cities. My friend works in a small town of Izmit and my brother works in İstanbul which is the largest city of Turkey. In spite of working in the same company my brother earns much higher then my friend because of the big city advantage.

Lastly , there are lots of activities in big cities ,such as concert, cinema, museum and you take the advantage of doing these activities whenever you want. Although small towns have these activities but because of their population , these are only the specific time of the week. For example , In İstanbul I can go to the cinema at night but my cousin who is living in a small town of Manisa can only go to the cinema only one day of the week.

In conclusion, big city life is more attractive for me because I have the choice for having a good job with high income ,and I am able to choose the school for my children in the future. Also I can take the advantage of living in big city because there are lots of things to do in a big city. In my opinion If a person lives in a big city for one or two years , he could not move to his small town anymore.

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