TOEFL essay sample: What qualities of a friend do you look

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What qualities of a friend do you look for

Friendship of each personality with other people is one of social relationships, which are very complex and variable. Everyone love to have good friends and has his or her own opinion about the quality of such a good friends. In my opinion, I prefer to have friends, who also have great willingness in having friends. Other good qualities of friends will be discovered afterward.

In is easy to understand that most people want to have friends, who are similar with them. A school friend shares with you most of time in studying, in playing and such a friendship in many cases continues throughout your life. In the office, people works in teams and in order to get good outcomes, they should have good cooperation and understand each other. Especially, people prefer spend their free time with close and pleasant friends, with whom they can share their feeling.

These qualities of a good friend can be obtained, but usually not in the first time you meet your partner. In many cases, times and some experiences is needed to be the basis of a friendship. For instance, after overcoming a trouble together is a good chance for people to make friend. You also can have a friend after the exchanging confidence with another person in order to help him or her in studying or in jobs. It seems that if you have the willingness to give before you want to receive, you will have good friends, who are also ready to help you.

Having good friend is a big pleasure. From my personal experience, the most difficult step is the beginning. There are many good people around us, but we can not know them from the very first glance, and it is more difficult to break down the “wall” between us in order to establish a new relation, the first basis of a friendship. The willingness having friends or the enthusiastic attitude in cooperating can help us in this beginning period. The only thing I want to have is their readiness in having friend.

So and so, we will have chances to meet friends if we have the willingness in having friends and they have, too. The cooperation will help us to know other good qualities of each other. It is the key of having friends with good qualities.

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