TOEFL essay sample: What makes a good neighbor?

[color=red]Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor?

In my opinion, neighbors are not just the people who live near us. In fact, they are often one of the unseen factors that can control your life. Depending on how good or bad your neighbors are, your life in a certain area can be terrific or terrible. Therefore, having good neighbors is very important. But what makes a good neighbor?

Good neighbors should be able to form and maintain healthy relationships with other neighbors. One should not be too strict and cautious, and should invite other neighbors to get to know each other better. Also, when help is needed, good neighbors are more than willing to help. For example, when a neighbor’s child in injured at school while the neighbor is away, a good neighbor would pick up the child and drop him/her off at a local hospital. Kindness doesn’t have to cost much. It can just start by simply saying “Hello,” with a smile when you encounter someone.

Secondly, good neighbors should repect others’ properties and time. They should always consider about the outcome of their actions. For example, one should never go in to someone else’s house or yard without any invitation, and one should never listen to loud music in the middle of the night. Also, making big demands can be considered rude, such as, asking to borrow someone’s car; definitely something a good neighbor should NOT do.

Lastly, a good neighbor should take part in community projects, and entertain sometimes. A community project is something simple as donating bottles for the bottle drive, or raking the leaves of your street on a planned date, or even giving out treats on Halloween. A good neighbor is always willing to do something to improve his/her community, and takes part whenever he/she can. Entertaining others is a good way to show others that you are social and can provide entertainment to otherse

In conclusion, a good neighbor should be social, responsible, respectful, and helpful to others.

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