TOEFL essay sample: What can you learn from the movies

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When it comes to deciding what you have learned from watching movies, various people will give different answers. Thanks to international trade and communication with each other, we can learn different country’s development and people’s life through a movie’s screen Among many things you can learn are the following predominant ones: the nation’s economical and political policy , its history and people’s life style and tradition.

There must be many buildings and houses appearing in movies. Besides the infrastructural, people’s economical activities can not be neglected . Just as many other stores’ elements, activities in movies have to be reflected through when , where, and who. From these elements above , we can learn the nation’s economical system belonging to the developed or developing country, People’s thinking and activities must comply with the nation’s policy. Then the nation’s policy whether it is capitalism or socialism can be understood from phenomenon. Take US for an instance , people would pay more attention to financial activities than political or other aspects. The fierce trade competition and the busy work in the Wallstreet leave us with an impression that it is a developed country and boasts the world finance centre.

Though many movies happen in today’s society, old stories often appear in movies. For example, China owns a long time-valued history. Thus people wearing robes and warriors riding horses are supposed to show in movies. Other than China, American movies usually enclose many stories happening in the independence times and the South-North war period. Recently , I just watched a movie called Cold Mountain showing a beautiful love story of the South-North war. From the movie, I could get understood of the source of that war and the view of people from both sides.

Lastly, we can learn and know people’s life style and traditions. Nothing can be more interesting to me than the thinking and the world view of people in that nation. I can know American people worship and admire the freedom while people in China have to be related to the politics and the centralism. Almost many religions like Muslim have their own reasons and sources to exist in the world. Maybe most of them happen to originate from political or war reasons. Whatever reasons, we can see many Indians eat food with hand while Chinese have a dinner with sticks.

What an interest to us from movies. We are so impressed not only with the happiness movies bring us but also with the knowledge movies give us.

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