Toefl essay sample: The most Fabulous Vacation

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About 4 months ago from now, I went to Myrtle beach to spend a vacation in South Carolina. Although I had visited many places in the United States, this trip gave me an unforgettable impression.

First of all, it was my first family trip after i have my daughter. Before she was born, my usband and I had traveled many places, but this one gave me a special experiences. Even we were suffered sort of difficulties caring our baby during the vacation, I still can make a laugh when I remind that beautiful time with my family.

Secondly, the beach have a beautiful scenery and many visitable places. The broad Atlantic ocean and the endless seashores brought me a special touching as I was in heaven. Because it was summer time, we enjoyed the swimming in the cool ocean together. Besides, there were also many places taking our pleasure such as amusement parks for taking rides, variety kinds of different souvenior shops, and mini golf cources. when we visited there, they held a particular event, which called “Sea Festivals”, and we had a good time with this event.

Moreover, we had a good chance to take the seafood at Myrtle beach. With reasonable price, we took the dainty seafood dishes. When our mealtime was coming, my husband and I had a kind of difficulty - felt happy inwardly - to make a choice, which restaurant we should go.

I felt refreshment of mind and body during last summer vacation, and I never forget that time in my life. Also I hope that I can visit the Myrtle beach again someday.

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Thank you so much Alan!!!

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During the summer of 2006 I have visited Italy. That was a wonderful experience walking alone about the city having just a map and a mobile phone in my rucksack.
I am very lucky to have relatives all around the world; fortunately some of them live in Italy. First of all I have visited Rome, maybe the most beautiful city in the world, I explored it by myself during the long, toiling and the same time amazing days I had the opportunity to spend. I founded it a city where history haunts over the streets giving life and importance to every piece of rock and to every brick of the old city. I got unforgettable impressions and a well understood lesson about life and living, during my trip throughout Rome.
I had to go further, so I took the train to Milan. Unfortunately the train got out of order exactly on a 40 meters high bridge so I got a little affright but everything turned well and we arrived there after a two hour delay.
Hire the weather was cooler and I was happy to run from the heat from Rome. Milan is a very busy city but when night comes on, on the stage appears a “new Milan” full of light and color inviting you to entertainment and to spend interesting some hours till the sun rises. Milan is significant for me because this is the native city of my favourite football team (Inter Milano) and I craved to see the city and everything that regards that squad and the club.
About 1 and a half yeas ago I accomplished one of my dreams; it may sound silly but visiting that stadium and looking at that pitch really made me very happy. I know, I shall return to Italy to remember my first alone trip and those amazing moments in my life.