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'teachers should make classes enjoyble and fun…do you agree or disagree"

i completely agree with the above statement that teachers should make education informative in an enjoyble manner.teaching in an atmosphere full of fun and joy not only creates a positive environment for studying but also it infuses the students with more energy and enthusiasm to imbibe the knowledge being provided.

a class with a dull, mundane routine makes the students also dull and unresposive and ends up being a days most institutes function on a pattern of necessary attendance on percentage such cases it would not be surprising to find empty classrooms if the students dont find the lectures to be lively and interesting.

on the other hand a professor who is talented enough to enrich his lecture with several humorous and witty remarks, would definitely fetch high attendance from students.for example,during the third year of my college,my community and preventive dentistry professor was so jovial that none of the students ever missed her was amazing that although she never ever marked attendance in class and gave the students liberty to attend the lecture only if they were keen enough(she would give the required attendance to evryone) yet her class fetched full attendance.a subject considered to be quite dull by most of the people was made very interesting solely due to her method of teaching.

there are several other examples to quote from my past years as a student where a particular teacher with a tact of making his class lively and full of fun would always attract large number of students and it was also easier to retain the subject being taught in such classes.whereas in a boring routine class hardly anyone would pay attention to what was being taught.

to conclude,in my opinion a joyous and lively class would definitely enhance the students’ zeal and enthusiasm to be a part of it and to benefit from it completely. it will serve as a reward for the teacher as the students would fare better and an award for students as well.

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