TOEFL Essay Sample: Studing In The University

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Do you agree or disagree with the follwoing:
students in university should take classes in their own field of study , or take classes in many fields .

No one can denay the importance of universities nowadays.
It’s so important for students to complete studing after graduating from high schools in order to be qualified in many fields during their lives.
Students are different when it comes to the way they study at the university , some of them prefer to take classes in many field while others take classes only in their own field of study.
For me, I agree with the second group of students because I think that taking classes in one field can affect positively on the student and help him to focus much better on his own class rather than being busy in many other classes.
More over, when you take classes only on your field of study you will have the whole time just to study it and to concentrate on it so you won’t feel streesed, and I guess that nobody wants to be streesed while studying.
All in all, and for all those reasons that I have mentioned above I surly agree that student should take classes only in their own field of study.

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