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Some universities require students…

Different universities provide different subjects for students based on their situations and their goals. some of them afford wide subjects for students, while other ones just supply certain special subjects. Either of these two kinds of universisties has pros and cons. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the university which has wider subjects is better, especially for students. I will give details in this essay.

First of all, students can learn many knowledge in these university with wide subjects, and they will have broader eye sight for this world. On such campuases, there are not only a lot of different kinds of subjects, but also have many seminars of activities for students. By attending these events, students can learn about the other majors which can be supplements for their majors and knowledge. For example, a student, who majors in Computer science, can often attend the music class. By and by, he knows something about music, such as history of the music, and instruments.

Secondly, students can look for the subjects which is really interesting him them and suitable for himthem, then make a good plans for their lefelife. As a fresh students who just walks out high school, he they had no opportunities to touch the subjects before he entered the university. And he they did not really understand or knew which subject would suit himthem. In these universities which afford a lot of subjects, by attending different classes and seminars, the students have chance to know the subjects, and can figure out which major is better for him. In this way, the students can adjust his their study plans, and reach his their goals.

In short, from the statement I mentioned above, I strongly believe that the universities which have many subjects is are better for the students. For they can broad the students’ eye sight and provide them students with more chances to know the world.

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