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Some students prefer to study alone. Other prefer to study with group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to explain your answer?

Some people prefer to study alone, while other with friends. It is up to the once nature, which way they choose and works better for them. As for me, I would prefer to study alone and I have following reasons:

Firstly, since, I am reserve kind of person. I cannot easily mix with the other people. So, when we study with group, there will be lot of conversations and exchange of ideas. Because of my nature, I cannot freely express my views with the group. As a result, I feel like inferior to others and easily lost my interest. So, instead of focusing my effort on study my mind lingers in others thought.

Secondly, I feel that whenever or whatever we do, one of the most important things is concentration. If we could not concentrate on whatever we do, the result will be always negative. Concentration is directly related to the environment we are in. If we are alone, there are less noise and lesser elements of distraction. We could focus our mind on whatever is in front of us. This is why many great yogis, who go to quite places to do mediations. The Buddha spent 16 years alone under banyan tree and finally enlightened.

Finally, when we are alone we have more freedom; you are free from other people imposing their ideas on us. We are free to think of what we have in on mind. We are free to study on what we have in our mind. Therefore, on the basis of these reasons, I prefer to study alone then with group. However, there are lot of other people who learn more when they are with group.

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