TOEFL Essay Sample: Some students prefer to study alone.others prefer to study...

Different students have different types of sychologies. Some people like to study alone and some others like to study with a group of students. I prefer to study with a group of students.

Nowadays students are studying very well because to survive in the competition world. Increasing of population has been taken place and to get good job we have to work really hard. Student can study well when he is studying with a group of students because he can get good ideas from others which he don’t know and more over he will not feel bore while he is studying. If he got any doubts while studying, he can clarify the doubts immediately. For example, some students are studying in one place and they are all studying same subject. One can understand the subject quickly and may be some other students can understand slowly. By studying with a group students can clarify doubts regarding question or any other clarifications.

Secondly, some students like to study alone. He can study without any disturbance. While studying alone he can’t get good ideas. If he got any doubt, it cannot be clarify by his own. Then it will be time waste for him. For example, while he is studying alone if the subject is not interest to him, his mind may get divert from the subject and concentration will be lost. More over if he is with a group the doubts can be clarified with friends immediately and he can understand the subject very well… And he can study so many things in less span of time.

So, studying with a group will give many benefits than studying alone. I would like to prefer studying with a group of students and increase my knowledge with it.

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