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Some People prefer occupations in which they work primarily with machines. Others prefer occupations in which they work mainly with people. Which type of occupation do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

I would definitely prefer to get a job that involves more people than machines. Many reasons are there to support the above statement, despite knowing that machines are more accurate to perform work.

The first reason is that, working with people provides more joyful and enthusiastic environment. If only machines are there in a laboratory or working place, then ofcourse one would get bored. For a healthier and encouraging environment people should work together. Not only it is interesting but also it will be great fun. Exchanging thoughts and discussing problem are good for company also. Because then only people would perform best, if the surrounding atmosphere is good enough to work.

Secondly, whenever one require some help regarding any problem that may occur during working, then people only can handle it by discussing or so. Machines do follow robotic instructions; they would not help to solve the problem, which might happen at any instance.

Apart from that, there is another important reason to work with people and it is that, emotional and moral support. One could get it only from human being. Machines fail to do so.

Job satisfaction is the most important part of life, and if one gets it, he or she would excel in life. Success will come only when if one perform good job. Performing job as such is like eating bland food. If it is interesting and adventures, like eating some spicy and tasty food that would fulfil the taste buds. Similarly the case is with doing job, which should be interesting, energetic and giving satisfaction after performing it. And definitely it would come only if one is staying with people around.

Lastly I think, for more people to work is very important, because it will solve the problem of unemployment, and if more people, especially youth, work then company or the firm will exceed and thereby country too.

These are some of the reasons why I would like to work with people.

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I have made some suggestions in CAPITAL letters:

Check out the use of the conditional forms. You will find some material I’ve written on them on this site.