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Should children grow up in the countryside or in a city?

All parents have to face the same problem. What is more important to teach children, to be compatible with nature or to show them real life’s hectic.

Living close to nature is important. Most youngsters forget to care for environment. They throw litter everywhere and do no care about nature’s beauty. Nobody would mess up his own garden. People living in the countryside usually have one and learned how to treat mother earth. Their children learned to treat a public park like their own property.
One aspects outweighs the above mentioned. Children have to take great distances every day to school or sport institutions. Nobody wants to spend half a day for driving bus or bike. That waists time, which could be spent with children.

Parents rearing children in a city have several advantages. They have lots of activities to send them to. They do not have to care about how they get there, it is always nearby. Their children can go by foot, unimaginable for countryside kids. These parents get home earlier because the way from work till home is not so far.

Even if city life is more hectic and you cannot see trees, flowers and cows everywhere. Living there is time-saving. In any case, parents should raise their children to live in harmony with environment and to care about it.

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