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It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

There is a growing heated issue among people that we can learn everything from books, some people agree that statement , However , the other side of the coin voices its strong opposition , they decide that they can learn much through many ways other than books. Each side supplies concrete reasons as follows:

The side supporting knowledge from books says that books are full of knowledge descended from ancestors , Knowledge in books is so precious because it is the essence and comes from the passage of time. If you could learn from other methods , why do all students use books to absorb knowledge from schools to universities.

Though it seems reasonable from the debate above , the other side opposites to the conclusion. They bring solid examples to verify that many successes could be realized through many passages. Take the swimming for an instance, most of learners can swim through watching and practicing. Could you image you dare to swim in a pool after you just read a guide book whose name is “you can swim from this book”. Another common example is to drive , what an ironic and dangerous thing that you drive your car as soon as you just read a text book.

Among each side’s examples are the reasonable elements. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the sentence that not everything comes from books. That means everything has its strengths and weaknesses, books are no exception. You can not learn everything from cooks, It is admitted that you can learn swim without books. However, if you read a lot form books before you practise , you will learn efficiently and quickly . It is not neglected that books bring blight upon you and make you go further beneath the surface of phenomenon. You not only can drive cars but also knows how every part of a car works together.

From the discussion above , we can see that books associated with practice and experience will bring you more to you than only books or just experience.

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