TOEFL essay sample: Newspapers influence public opinion

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TOEFL essay topic: Do you agree with the following statement: “Newspapers influence public opinion”

When it comes to massmedia and how it influences over public opinion, various people will give different answers. Some would say that they have their own position and no one can change it, while the other side of the coin voices its stron opposition.

First of all, in readers’ eyes newspapers provide trustworthy information. Not only because they have reporters all over the country but the fact that hundreds and may be thousands of people thrust them even about their daily progress by reading horoscopes. For example, every average worker starts his/her day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper with the idea of learning something new and actual.

In addition, newspapers supply the newest information, as well. All media companies are out for to be the first before the rivalry and to gain more and more popularity and followers. Every newspaper strave for being more actual and having variety of topics. and what is more important, people read and like them, indeed. In most of the cases they thrust every single word in their daily reading matter.

Apart from all the written above, there is another reason which makes me believe in newspapers’ affection. As we all know each media puts advertisements in its editions. In my opinion, ads are one of the most influental matters within media. As far as I am concerned, there is always not only visual but psychic effect which is sufficient enough to prove my position.

For these reasons, I mentioned above, I strongly consider that newspapers really influence public opinion.

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