TOEFL essay sample: Movies are popular all over the world

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With advancement of technologies, our means and concept of entertainment has also changed. Gone are the days, when people have little choice of passing the days either by gathering whole days to see the galloping horse races, or a tug of war with the old and young folks. Today, there are wide varieties of selections in the entertainment markets. Movies are most popular among them. Spending few dollars, we could hire any movies cassettes and watch it at the comfort of our home.

Today’s active life of the people has also contributed to its popularity. Most of the people in this fast changing world, people have no time to gather whole days. At the same time, like fashion industries, the tastes of entertainment of the people fluctuated every now and then. As the movie industries have the flexibility of coping with the changing demands. They stand rock hard through out the times by providing the need based on people’s interest.

Another reasons for its popularity are because of the story it tells. Most of the moviemakers try to tell its audiences about the real life story whether it is past or present. Since, the story tells in the movies are somewhat relevant to once lives it draws the interest of the peoples. It is also a good means of learning and educating people. From movies apart from entertainment, we also learn lot about the history and culture of different countries.

Therefore, on account of these facts, movies are so popular.

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