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How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Movies and television have become an integral part of our daily entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to destress over the weekend by a evening at the cinema ? But have we ever introspected and seen how much these forms of media influence our lives?

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. A movie or a sitcom that tickles our funny bone helps in relaxing our mind and reduces stress. But on the other hand, a tragedy makes us cry. This is why psychologists recommend us not to watch depressing movies.

Some movies and T.V shows are based on real life experiences and teach us certain values like positive thinking. Take the case of a T.V show in my country which showcases the life of a small town girl who later becomes a star. The show has become an inspiration for millions of people here.

As far as learning is concerned, cookery shows or home improvement shows give us a lot of tips on how to perform a lot of our daily activities. If one is unable to read the newspapers on a particular day, no problem! Just switch on the daily news on T.V and get informed about what is happening all over the world.

There have been rare cases where television has changed the lives of persons drastically. For instance, a man belonging to a middle class family became a millionaire overnight after winning a game show.

As much as television and movies have helped people, they have also been disadvantageous for others. Like, for example, the violence shown in a particular film inspired a group of young men to commit a robbery. That is why most films, now-a-days, are first censored.

Thus, considering both the view points, television and films are boon to us only if we learn to judge the matter that is shown. We shouldn’t be carried away with the violence and other objectionable matter. Rather, we should use these inventions to entertain ourselves and get maximum benefits.

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