TOEFL essay sample: most effective ways of relieving stress


People have various ways of relieving stres.what are some of the ways that you find most effective in relieving stres?give reasons and examples to support ypur responses.

Relieve your stress

Life conditions could be very hard especially if you are living in a big crowded city. People encounter many difficulties because of some reasons such as earning money, heavy traffic and pollution therefore, these factors cause stress. There are many ways of relieving stress and the most effective ones are participating a social activity and making a dialogue.

Firstly, the best way of relieving stress is to believe yourself that you can cope with it and make an action to increase your morality. If you spend your time with friends by going to a movie, or going to a sports game , you can easily forget your problems that cause stress. For example, when I was studying for the TOEFL exam , I got worried and because of the tought that I was not able to pass the test , I got stressed. Therefore I decided to go to a soccer game ,because whenever I go, I get out of all the things in my mind and as a result my stress was reduced .

Secondly, talking with someone and getting his advice could be useful for relieving stress. Sometimes people get confused about making important decisions However the result most probably will be good, people always think about the negative one and therefore stress will appear. In this type of matter talking with a friend or a more experienced person, you should feel better. For instance, my brother had a girlf friend ,she wanted to marry but my brother could not decide whether marry or not, he got stressed because of this. I spoke with him and gave some advice to him, after this he was relaxed and made his decision clearly

As a consequence, stress is a very common factor that influences our life. It could be a problem for almost everyone who makes something to carry on his life. To get ride of stress , you should spend your time with an activity that makes you happy and also you should share your problems with someone. In my opinion, everyone who has a self confidence could overcome stress because the solutions are very clear and easy to apply.

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